Friday, March 25, 2005

Have You Heard The Good News?

Blue Eyed Jesus!

He is risen! No one loves like he loves you, kids. It's the end of another Holy Week, and why not enjoy some light dinner music as we wait for the resurrection?!??

BGK - Pray for Peace and Kill for Christ.mp3
crazed Dutch hardcore. Lead track off of 1983's Jonestown Aloha LP

Feederz - Jesus...mp3
If you find yourself offended by this one, well then the Feederz have done their job. From their 1980 debut 7" (later on Let Them Eat Jellybeans)

Pegboy - Jesus Christ.mp3
closing song from 1993's Fore 12"

Black Market Baby - Downward Christian Soldiers.mp3
The opening cut from their classic 1983 LP Senseless Offerings

Sugar - JC Auto.mp3
my favorite Sugar track. This is the live version from the Besides collection.

*I've totally sealed my eternal fate with this one, especially that Feederz track.