Saturday, March 19, 2005

Everywhere is War

photo courtesy the Memory Hole

March 19th marks the two year anniversary of the US led invasion of Iraq. I try to keep my personal politics off of this space, so I'll keep it brief.

1600+ coalition deaths (1500 US)
~17,000 Iraqi civilian deaths
$156 Billion in cost

Anti-Heros - National Debt.mp3
A song about the Vietnam War, but it fits the current situation as well. From their 1988 LP Don't Tread On Me
Who would've thunk the most poignant anti-war song I would turn up would be by the Anti-Heros?

Bad Religion - Fertile Crescent.mp3
from the 1991 split w/ Noam Chomsky that MRR released.

Really Red - War Sucks.mp3
a 5 minute dirge from their posthumous 1985 LP Rest in Pain.

Toxic Reasons - War Hero.mp3
The version from their 1982 debut LP Independence

Soulside - War.mp3
a reworking of Bob Marley's "War". The lyrics are from this speech by former Ethiopian leader Hailie Selassie I.