Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bullet LaVolta

I'll admit I picked up the 1988 debut by Boston's Bullet LaVolta simply because it was on Taang! While I was initially disappointed that they didn't play typical metallic hardcore, I soon came to love this release and their full length follow up The Gift. Bullet LaVolta straddled the line between metal, hard rock, melodic punk (for lack of a better term) and big guitar indie rock. Although that may sound like a hellish stew it really worked nicely. The material is chocked with soaring hooks and big melodies which serve to distract from the occasional wanky guitar solo. All in all, Bullet LaVolta crafted a powerful and memorable brand of music.

The tracks below are from the first two releases on Taang!. A second album would be released on RCA in 1991. Swandive was slicker sounding and more rock oriented but still enjoyable. A couple of tracks:

From the 6-song debut 12"
Bullet LaVolta - Baggage.mp3
Bullet LaVolta - Dead Wrong.mp3

From The Gift
Bullet LaVolta - Underground Well.mp3

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Bullet LaVolta