Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Baseball Furies

Baseball Furies @ Fallout Records - Seattle

Some time towards the end of the '90's the city of Buffalo started producing some mighty cool rock and roll the likes of which upstate NY had not seen before. Bands like the Blowtops, the Baseball Furies, the Tyrades and a host of others all built around the Big Neck Records scene. My favorite of these were the Baseball Furies. Playing a raw and snotty brand of punk rock the Furies garnered quite a bit of recognition in the underground garage/punk scene.

Forming in 1996, the Furies have released 3 singles, a 10", and two LP's. Each release has been another step in the bands evolutionary process. While the early releases were noisy and dangerous sounding, the recent albums have been marked by cleaner production and a calmer, more melodic sound. The band relocated to Chicago a couple of years ago, but continue to deliver the goods. Their latest release is 2004's Let It Be. A couple of tracks from various releases:

Baseball Furies - Last Man.mp3
the closing track from 1999's 10" All American Psycho, released on Flying Bomb records.

Baseball Furies - I Hate Your Secret Club.mp3
released as a 7" on Estrus, and as part of the 2002 LP Greater Than Ever

Baseball Furies - Taking Turns At Ground Zero.mp3
the lead track from 2004's Let it Be LP.

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>> A couple of mp3's from the band's 7"'s and Greater Than Ever are available at the bands page on Big Neck
>> Photo courtesy of Fallout Records
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