Monday, March 21, 2005

Artificial Peace

For a while there in the early 90's German "reissue" (*cough* bootleg *cough*) label Lost and Found was on a roll, releasing a slew of way cool,long gone hardcore releases. One of my favorites from this time was the Outside Looking In LP of unreleased material by Artificial Peace. Artificial Peace were an early DC hardcore band that later morphed into the more melodic Marginal Man. Their two year run in the early 80's was captured on only few releases: 3 tracks on the seminal hardcore comp Flex Your Head, a split single with DC band Exiled (Fountain of Youth Records 001) and a single track on the Bouncing Babies compilation.

Sometime around 1991 Lost and Found put out Outside Looking In which compiled songs from two studio sessions in 1981 and 1982. 24 tracks of short and fast aggro. The CD release packaged these tracks along with Marginal Man's Double Image album and another looted demo by Assault and Battery (pre-Artificial Peace) Bootleg bonanza! Perhaps a legit reissue of this material will appear someday? In the meantime:

Artificial Peace - Outside Looking In.mp3
One of my favorite tracks from Flex Your Head

Artificial Peace - This Means War.mp3
From the 1981 sessions that spawned the Flex Your Head tracks

Artificial Peace - Someone Cares.mp3
from the 1983 split 7" with Exiled. I'm not sure if these tracks were included on the boot, the sound is different in terms of mix, production, etc. This would be re-recorded by Marginal Man for release on Double Image

Artificial Peace - Frustration.mp3
From the 1982 recording sessions. This was released as part of the 1984 DC comp Bouncing Babies