Saturday, February 05, 2005

Unsafe At Any Speed

Sorry to disappoint all of you who came here expecting an excerpt of Ralph Nader reading from his auto safety expose Unsafe at Any Speed.I'm sure you're heart-broken Nope, the Unsafe at Any Speed I'm talking about is the follow up to one of the best American hardcore compilations of the '80's - 1982's This Is Boston, Not L.A. Highlighting many of the same Boston hardcore bands (most of the tracks are outtakes from TBNL sessions ) Unsafe at Any Speed was released as a 7" on Modern Method records in 1983. This time out each band got one cut apiece. 6 songs in total, and while some of it sounds dated it's still a nice dose of classic punk aggression. The goods:

Gang Green - Selfish.mp3
A hyperspeed blast from a teenage Gang Green. The initial era of Gang Green ended before this release. The band would later reform (based upon the success of there comp appearance and single on Taang!) to present the world a body of work built around metallic rock riffs and alcoholism.

Proletariet - Voodoo Economics.mp3
Don't let the Proletariat's lack of political subtetly prevent you from ejoying their brand of engaging hardcore. I'll save additional details for another day, but what a fantastic band. Their double disc Voodoo Economics and Other American Tragedies is essential

Jerry's Kids - Machine Gun.mp3
"Machine Gun" was later re-recorded for the Jerry's Kids comeback LP Kill Kill Kill. This is the better version - a raw recording from around the time of their first LP Is This My World?

F.U.'s - CETA Suckers.mp3
This track was also on the another top-notch American hardcore comp - Master Tapes volume 1. What can I say, I love the F.U.'s, especially the early tracks (this cut, the Boston Not LA tracks, and the Kill for Christ 12")

The Freeze - Refrigerator Heaven.mp3
Don't let the mild sounds of this one confuse you. This one is a twisted tale of a lonely child and his "playmate". Sick, sick, sick.


  • Unsafe... was resissued on CD in the '90's with Boston... but it appears to have slipped out of print
  • Point/Counterpoint. Flex gives the comp a "10". Kill From The Heart says "eh". You decide.