Friday, February 18, 2005


Over the past week or so we've had an influx of Japanese visitor here on SiLT. To all of the new folks I'd like to say "konnichiwa" (hopefully spelled correctly). This presents an ideal opportunity to dish on one of my favorite Japanese bands: Teengenerate. Forming from the ashes of the American Soul Spiders, Teengenerate began kicking out their enthusiastic brand of 3 chord trash punk in the early 90's. Wearing their unabashed love of '70's punk and American R'n'R on their sleeve, Teengenerate released scads of singles mixing originals and cool covers from the likes of Fun Things, Queers, Pagans, Nervous Eaters, Kids, etc. Despite having only one proper album (1994's Get Action! ) Teengenerate became a cult favorite during their mid-90's run, and remain as a lasting icon of the garage punk movement. Some choice cuts:

Teengenerate - Let's Get Hurt.mp3
from 1994's Get Action! LP, this one would later be covered by fellow Japanese garage rockers Guitar Wolf

Teengenerate - Don't Come Close To Me.mp3
I've always assumed this one is a cover, but I can't find any writing credit to indicate as such. Who cares - it's a prime cut of Stooge/Birdman inspired tuneage. Included on the singles comp Smash Hits!

Teengenerate - Bloody Belgium.mp3
A cover of the Kids classic "Bloody Belgium", from an entire 7" of Kids covers (the others tracks are "This Is Rock and Roll" and "Do you Wanna Know?")

Human Tornado.mp3 available from Crypt Records Radio
Teengenerate discography from GrunnenRocks
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