Thursday, February 03, 2005


The Mistreaters are everything I love in a band: a wild rock'n'roll unit with a sleazy, dangerous sound fronted by a vocalist who sounds like he is coming unglued. Formed in Milwaukee, WI in 1998, the Mistreaters have been a big player in the burgeoning Wisconsin garage/punk scene along side the likes of the Catholic Boys, the Mystery Girls, and the Leg Hounds. In the past 5 years the Mistreaters have graced us with 2 LP's and a handful of singles on trash labels Big Neck, Estrus, and Yakisakana. The sounds are pure mayhem - twisted guitar, indecipherable vocals, and the worst sounding cymbals you've ever heard. Enjoy a couple of tracks...

From 2000's Grab Them Cakes:

Mistreaters - Tired of Looking At You.mp3

Mistreaters - I'm Hurting.mp3

The band cleaned themselves up a bit for the 2003 release Playa Hated To The Fullest:

Mistreaters - Juan Burguesa.mp3
Mistreaters - Hard on the Eyes.mp3


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  • More mp3's from Big Neck: "I Won't Like You" and "Stranded"