Friday, January 14, 2005

We Want The Airwaves

Maybe things are different in your town, but in the 'Cuse radio is pretty goddamn awful. We have your typical mix: Both kinds of Rock ("classic" and "alternative"), Country, Top 40, Urban, etc. Regardless of genre the formula is the same: a rotation of 10-20 songs, endless commercials, and annoying DJ's "personalities". It's enough to make you poke your eardrums out with a pen. Clear Channel and their ilk have sucked all of the life out of radio, turning it into a homogenized cashcow that sounds the same from coast to fucking coast.

I know some towns have it better. In fact, just up the pike in Rochester they have WBER and WITR. Heading down to the Hudson Valley and you should be able to pick up WFMU. Yep, just out of range for me. (though streaming audio dulls the pain somewhat) For the time being all of my car and work listening needs will have to be satisfied by CD. I'm still far off from getting a satellite provider, and who knows when I'll be able to cough up the scratch for a goddamn IPod. Anyhow, here are a couple of tracks that are born of the bitter frustration inspired by the sad state of rock and roll radio.

Ramones - We Want The Airwaves.mp3
One of the few bright spots on 1981's Pleasant Dreams. My wife likes this song, so it's for her. Happy (early) Valentines Day hon, don't ever say I don't give you anything

76% Uncertain - I Hate the Radio.mp3
No punches pulled here. Midtempo hardcore From 1985's Nothing But Love Songs LP

Flesheaters - Radio Dies Screaming.mp3
From their first 7" in 1979. Excellent buzzsaw garage punk. Reissued in 2004 as part of the No Questions Asked CD.

Swampass - God Damn Radio.mp3
A cool song from this Illinois band. Driving punk and roll.

Jawbox - Airwaves Dream.mp3
Ok, this doesn't really fit the "bitter" or "disgruntled" theme, but hell it's Jawbox and you can never listen to enough Jawbox. This is a cover of the Buzzcocks and appeared in 1991 as a split single with Jawbreaker. Re-released in 1998 on the band's odds and ends collection My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents