Monday, January 24, 2005

The Lewd

The Lewd were the band responsible for one of my favorite Killed By Death moments. "Kill Yourself" was booted on Killed By Death #3 (and Feel Luck, Punk? previously) in the early '90's re-introducing this classic record to the drooling collector masses. Originally released as the "A" side to a three song EP in 1978, "Kill Yourself" is the perfect punk anthem: catchy, driving music topped with a heaping helping of antisocial lyrics. This record was recorded while the group was a 3 piece, residing in Seattle:

The Lewd - Kill Yourself.mp3

In 1979 The Lewd relocated to San Francisco and expanded to 4 members. They contributed compilation tracks to the SF Underground 7" and the Eastern Front LP's and eventually released their only LP, American Wino. Appearing in 1982, American Wino contained one side of studio material, and one side of live recordings. There is a more than a hint of early '80's hardcore on this one that melds perfectly with the snarly, sneering attitude of the band. From American Wino:

The Lewd - Climate of Fear.mp3
The Lewd - Polluted Brain.mp3
The Lewd - Mobile Home.mp3

As would be expected, this material was way out of print for a number of years. In 1998 the 7 " and LP were reissued along with a ton of demo tracks on CD as Kill Yourself... Again.