Thursday, January 20, 2005


I'm not sure how anyone else catagorizes the term "noise rock", but for me it encompasses bands like Unsane, Helmet, Big Black, and labels such as Amphetamine Reptile. Musically, its about distortion and all kinds of guitar damage. So given my definition any discussion about the genre has to include Hammerhead. A three piece from Minneapolis (via Fargo, ND), Hammerhead aurally bludgeoned their fans over the course of 3 LP's and a handful of singles from 1991 through 1996. I'm going to save their albums for future discussions, as they are all worthy of their own posts (and I need material if I'm going to milk this project for all its worth). Nope today I'm going to talk about their first two singles.

Peep/U.V. (Scale 42) was released in 1991 as a picture disc featuring art from the Replacement's Chris Mars. This was the first in AmRep's "Research and Development" picture disc series, which would include releases from Casus Belli, Janitor Joe, Chokebore, and others. The music? Two pummeling cuts featuring thick, crunchy guitar riffs and burly production. Reissued as part of 1993's Evil Twin 10"/CD

Hammerhead - Peep.mp3
Hammerhead - U.V.mp3

Load King/Slumberyard (Scale 46) was released in 1992 as a tour-only 7". This release sounds much rougher than the first single almost like a demo. The power and intensity of the music jumps right off of the vinyl. "Load King" was re-released on Evil Twin in a redone (or remixed format). "Slumberyard" would appear in more polished form on 1992's debut LP Ethereal Killer

Hammerhead - Load King.mp3
Hammerhead - Slumberyard.mp3


  • Bass player Paul Erickson and drummer Jeff Mooridian continued on after the demise of Hammerhead as Vaz. They are quite excellent at churning out moody, atmospheric noise.
  • Guitarist/vocalist Paul Sanders had short lived projects such as more RAM and Fly Republic. He currently is no longer involved in the music business. Visit him at Disastro
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  • You can buy the original singles direct from AmRep for $40 each.