Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Cold, crappy day

I had a post planned for tonight, but after a frigid day filled with auto problems and sick furnaces I just ain't got anything left in the tank, (not that it takes much to write this stuff) so tonight I'm just handing out a pointer to another site.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on Fear and stated how I really didn't care for their first lp Fear - The Record. A reader pointed me to a page containing mp3's from an infamous lost demo tape by Fear. So check it out - lots of unreleased songs, early versions of some classics, and the Madame Wong "trojan horse", in all of their beautifully underproduced glory. Additionally there are some photos, a great write up on the history of the tape, and a link to long time drummer Spit Stix's page. Link to tape:

*note - if the reader who sent me this site (and supports the page in question) has any problems please let me know and I'll remove this post ASAP.