Friday, January 28, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Here in the Northeast we've been beseiged by huge snow accumulations and bitter cold. Hell, cold & snowy winters are to be expected in these parts, but the past week has just been brutal. After slugging through it all week it's time to cozy up to the fire, take a nip or two, and snuggle up with someone or something warm. Here's a couple to end a frigid week:

Husker Du - Ice Cold Ice.mp3
from 1987's curtain call Warehouse: Songs and Stories. No explanation needed.

Sleater-Kinney - Dig Me Out.mp3
This is what I and many others have been trying to do for the past week or so. Title cut from 1997's Dig Me Out

Bellrays - Cold Man Night.mp3
For a brief moment the Bellrays burned so fucking bright. 1999's excellent Let It Blast captures that moment. Edgy Stooge-like punk with some big soul vocals

Rocket From The Tombs - So Cold.mp3
From 2004's Rocket Redux. This newly recorded version is cleaner but less insane sounding than the 1975 demo version released on The Day the Earth Met..

Trusty - Unsnowplow.mp3
This one is courtesy of the band's site at Southern Records. Poppy fun with catchy hooks.