Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Andre Williams - Silky

I'm convinced a movie or novel on the life of Andre Williams would prove to be fascinating, as he's been a player on the old R&B scene since the mid 50's. Heres the short scoop: Williams had a modest career as a performer, writer, and A&R guy from the 50's through to the 70's. At some point he ended up in a sad state, living in the gutter. In the mid 90's his career was resurrected with albums on a couple of different labels. And just in case the song titles don't give it away, he is a bit of a dirty old man. Check out a fuller description.

Anyhow, at some point in the late 90's everyone started buzzing about Andre Williams. He had just recorded an album with ex-Gories Mick Collins and Dan Kroha released on In The Red. Being unfamiliar with Williams I wasn't sure what to expect, but how could so much hype be wrong?!?? I was expecting some kind of big James Brown style voice, you know something filled with soul. What I got was Williams unique talking/shouting style of vocals (a little slowed with age) backed with primitive R&R, all of it recorded with that trademark craptastic Jim Diamond sound. Eh... it didn't grab me then and even today I still can't listen to the whole thing straight through. That said, there are a handful of cuts that I end up pulling on a regular basis:

Andre Williams - I Want To Be Your Favorite Pair of Pajamas.mp3
Relatively clean lyrically for Mr. Williams. I'm digging on that skronky guitar riff.

Andre Williams - Car With The Star.mp3
A straight up r'n'r boogie about the perils of producing corn liquor

Andre Williams - Pussy Stank.mp3
A classic Detroit freak out. "Don't Wash it Baby, Don't Wash it!"

* After 1998's Silky Williams recorded a country album with the Sadies and a follow up on ITR called The Black Godfather on which he was backed by members of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Compulsive Gamblers, Cheater Slicks and the Countdowns. I haven't heard any news on releases or performances since 2001. Anyone?

* A couple of interviews with Mr Rhythm via furious.com and Rockabilly Central

* Froogle listings for Silky

* Some live photos from Wipeout!

Hmmm.... two posts in as many days about releases on In The Red Records. It wasn't planned that way but sometimes it's just how the shit works out I guess. What can I say, I'm in a dirty, trashy, fucked up frame of mind this week, which may explain all the ITR.