Friday, December 17, 2004

Th' Inbred

One of my all-time fav hardcore records is 1986's A Family Affair by Th' Inbred. Don't be fooled by titles however, this isn't a joke band or one-trick pony. Th' Inbred specialized in skewering the left, right, and everything in between. Musically they were top-notch, playing an inventive, stylistic form of hardcore that doesn't sound dated in the least. While their other releases were solid (1985's 7" Reproduction and 1987's posthumous Kissin' Cousins LP), this album stands far above. A Family Affair was originally released on Toxic Shock, and until recently been available as double cassette with Kissin' Cousins. I can't seem to find this now, though. Luckily, you can find MP3's of both albums at Claustrophonic. A public service, really, as this thing is way OOP and I don't foresee a reissue. It's a shame, this is one of the great American hardcore records. (Apologies in advance for the surface noise on these tracks)

Th' Inbred - Positive Song.mp3
A complete lyrical savaging of the whole 7 Seconds, posi-core movement here. This still cracks me up. Musically, this is one powerful song. The drummer simply rocks, and that guitar hits you right in the jaw.

Th' Inbred - Exercise 1/Fool's Paradise.mp3
I've cobbed together the opening instrumental and the second track into one file, as that's how it ran together on the vinyl. When the howling starts you know you are info for a treat. "Play That Rock and Roll Music for Me"

Th' Inbred - Exercise 3/History Lesson.mp3
Another cobjob, combining the last two tracks on the LP. At times the guitar almost sounds Greg Ginn like, from one of those instrumental Black Flag 12" EP's. This one meanders along nicely before "History Lesson" hits and kicks into high gear.