Monday, December 13, 2004

Radio Beats

I really can't keep up with all of the new music that pops up, but I try to stay on top of stuff from Big Neck Records. Specializing in crazy, fucked up rock&roll, Big Neck has been dishing out the good stuff since the late '90's. I've pretty much enjoyed most of the stuff they have released, so when I get a chance to snap up a 7" or CD from them I make sure I do it. This time around is a 7" from The Radio Beats. 4 tracks of immediate 3-chord, garagepunk gratification. Quick and to the point, there is nothing wasted on this one. I particularly love that rolling drum sound, which reminds me of Information Superhighway era New Bomb Turks. Here's two from the 7":

Radio Beats - Blow You Up.mp3
Radio Beats - Backseat Learnin'.mp3

The Big Neck sounds page has tons of mp3's from their stable of swanky bands
Here's an interview with the Radio Beats