Wednesday, December 15, 2004


When it comes to 'fuck you' attitude and hostility it is tough to top LA's Fear. Leader Lee Ving was one of the classic punk frontmen, up there in notoriety with Stiv, Darby, etc. just for sheer vitriol alone. Ving and Fear were infamous for their stage antics and politically incorrect subject matter, including their notorious audience baiting captured for the Decline of Western Civilization and their chaotic 'Saturday Night Live' performance.

Musically however Fear just doesn't stand up over the years. I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that 1982's Fear... The Record may be the most overhyped punk albums of all time. I've tried to like this album, I really have, but the production ruins it for me. While some of the songs good, the clean, sterile sound sucks all the life, energy and danger out of the band. It's soulless. Yep, not a fan of this LP or any of their subsequent releases.

The first single is a classic however. 1978's "I Love Living in the City" and "Now Your Dead" are two primo cuts of good 'ol anti-social aggression. Raw sound and Ving's over the top vocals make this their best effort:

Fear - I Love Living in The City.mp3
Fear - Now Your Dead.mp3

And for demonstration purposes, here's one of the tracks from the Decline of Western Civilization soundtrack. Can you feel the love in the room?

Fear - I Don't Care About You.mp3