Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Christmas Goodies - Part 1

Isn't Christmas the most wonderful time of year? Smiling faces, good will to all, the love of family and friends. Yep, it's all that unless you got problems, man. To some, Xmas is about coke, whores, and ruined dreams. In keeping with the spirit of the season here's a couple from the dark, nasty underbelly of the holidays. Glad tidings to you all.

Fear - Fuck Christmas.mp3
'nuff said. See the previous post on Fear for any needed explanations.

Bantam Rooster - Let's Just Fuck For Christmas.mp3
I had originally planned on writing up Flying Bomb's Surprise Package CD of Christmas cheer, but the early birds at SVC beat me to the punch. Rascals. This is one of those tracks. Ah, the Xmas gift that keeps on giving.

Dirtys - Cocaine Christmas.mp3
Also from Surprise Package. As the name implies, dirty no-fi scuzz rock. Some candied yams with that blow? RIP, Larry Dirty (Rockerslut Superstat)

Rocket 455 - Santa Ain't Coming for Christmas.mp3
Last one from Surprise Package. Downright catchy and rocking. It seems that some people just can't get right with Jesus, or Santa, or whomever is givng up the goodies on Dec 25.

More holiday tunes later...