Saturday, December 04, 2004

Angry Red Planet

Much like the planet Mars itself, little is known about Michigan's Angry Red Planet. Here is what I do know. Angry Red Planet released a couple of 7" EP's -1983's Too Much Knowledge Can Be Dangerous and 1985's Gawkers Paradise before delivering two LP's: 1987's Little Pigs, Little Pigs and 1989's Give 'em Enough Dope). ARP had such a unique sound, fast and catchy songs with spastic guitar and alternating vocals that kept things interesting. Below is the Gawker's Paradise EP in it's entirety:

Angry Red Planet - Mediocrity.mp3
Angry Red Planet - Curling.mp3
Angry Red Planet - Sun Goes Down.mp3
Angry Red Planet - On The Waterfront.mp3

and a couple from Little Pigs, Little Pigs
Angry Red Planet - Ghost of the Crap Nebula.mp3
Angry Red Planet - Fuckwad.mp3

If anyone has info on the band, well, don't be shy