Friday, November 12, 2004

Process of Elimination

Touch & Go records Process of Elimination compilation was one of the first to catalog the early Midwest/Detroit hardcore scene. (All bands were from Michigan and Ohio) . Released in 1981, Process of Elimination featured 8 bands packed onto one 7 inch platter. Some of the big hitters on this one include Toxic Reasons, Necros, Negative Approach, and The Fix. Dementlieu has the goods on this.

Necros - Bad Dream.mp3
The pride of Maumee, OH. I'll opine on the virtues of the Necros another day. This is basic hardcore, nothing terribly distinctive. This song would appear in better form on their 1983 Conquest For Death album

Negative Approach - Lost Cause.mp3
the first released output from Detroit's killer Negative Approach. Fast and furious, it clocks in at 38 seconds. I believe this is from their first demo tape. Not as good as the material on their first 7" and mLP, but you can see the potential. This track was reissued on the Total Recall complete discography CD in the early '90's

Youth Patrol - America's Power.mp3
Sounds like The Fix with less powerful vocals. I can't track down any other info.

Toxic Reasons - Riot Squad.mp3
This is the highlight of the comp. A rough, mid-tempo kick in the nuts from Dayton's Toxic Reasons. This cut also appeared on their first LP Independence, which was chock full of tough and melodic hardcore.

The Fix - No Idols.mp3
Another classic cut from the Fix. Fast, powerful, scary. The Fix deserve so much more credit for the role they played in defining the US hardcore sound than they ever get. All they've left us with is two 7 inches, this comp cut, and some demos. Tragic