Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Post Election Blues

Needless to say the results of yesterday's election are disappointing. Depressing even. Not just for the 55 million Americans who wanted a change, but for the millions of people worldwide who will undoubtedly feel the repercussions of a second term of this bullshit.

Fuck it. A couple of songs summing up my thoughts:

Black Flag - Depression.mp3
From 1981's classic Damaged LP. Rollins screaming, Greg Ginn laying that thick piledriver guitar down. Song title says it all.

Youth Brigade - Moral Majority.mp3
A cut from the legendary Flex your Head comp. The music may sound a bit dated but unfortunately the message is still dead on. How much further to the right can we go?

Christ on A Crutch - Nation of Sheep.mp3
59 million voted for Bush. How many did so out of fear? Fucking sheep. Originally on the MRR comp They Don't Get Laid, They Don't Get Paid, But Boy Do They Work Hard. Reissued by NRA as part of the odds and ends package Shit Edge...