Monday, November 29, 2004

Necessary Evils

It's impossible to talk about the Necessary Evils and not mention how goddamn evil and menacing they sound. You can't ignore the sinister undercurrent that runs through their body of work. Featuring former members of Fireworks and Beguiled, the Necessary Evils spent the last half of the 90's releasing two albums and a handful of singles of damaged, fucked up, and fuzzed out psycho garage.

Necessary Evils - Pretty White Girl on a Black Death Train.mp3

from 1997's debut LP Spider Fingers. This is one of 12 cuts of fuzzed out guitar riffs, desperate vocals, creepy organ and strange synth sounds all captured on a beautiful no-fi recording.

Necessary Evils - Buzzsaw Parts 1 & 2.mp3
Appropriately this 1997 7" is labeled as In The Red 666. 4 plus minutes of guitar, screaming, and sawing spread over two sides of vinyl. This is the soundtrack to dismemberment.

Necessary Evils - Glory Hole.mp3
from the 1998 album The Sicko Inside Me. A wall of noise guitar sound and insane vocals make this my choice cut off the album. Better than Spider Fingers, Sicko... features 13 songs total ( well 12 and 1 feedback mess ) including cool covers of songs by the Seeds, Black Rose, and the Keggs. I had trouble picking songs from this one, so you know, there may be a couple of other tracks on the server someplace if you get nosy.

I'm pretty sure the band is no more, with guitarist James Arthur subsequently playing with A Feast of Snakes (also defunct?) and a couple of other bands.