Friday, November 19, 2004

Halo Of Flies

I've been meaning to post this one for three days. If this sounds hurried ( more so than usual) forgive me. I'm at work.

Halo of Flies was initially formed in Minneapolis as a "studio" project by Tom Hazelmeyer and drummer John Anglen. Bassist and former AmRep house producer Tim Mac joined soon afterward. You may be familiar with Haze: Halo of Flies singer/guitarist, Founder of AmRep Records, ex-marine, temporary U-Men bassist, so on and so forth. Starting in '86 Halo of Flies began releasing 7 inches of schizoid garage rock. An amalgem of 60's garage, 70's (motor city) rock, noise guitar and fuck all attitude. In 1991 most of the singles and 12 inches were compiled into one CD reissue, Insect Music for Insect Minds.

Halo of Flies - Headburn.mp3
"I want my head to blaze like some fucking sun!" Angry and brutal. Originally from the 1988 12" of the same name, released on Minneapolis label Twintone records.

Halo of Flies - Garbage Rock.mp3
a 4 song mini LP from 1987, also on Twintone. The title says it all. Fast and piledriving, their best balls out rocker.

Halo of Flies - How Does it Feel to Feel.mp3
The "B" side to 1987's "Richie's Dog" 7 inch. A pretty cool amped up cover of a Creation song.
Slower, lots of feedback/reverb make this a standout.

Grunnenrocks has the full discography