Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I'm not sure how to describe the sound of Seattle's A-Frames without copping from existing reviews of the band. How about: disjointed, atonal robot rock that is strangely catchy for being such monotonous, repetitive music. The A-Frames build upon the lost, early sounds of bands like Joy Division, Wire and Devo by adding more noise and more drive. The trio has released two albums and a couple of singles in the past 2 years. Apparently their next album will be on Subpop, so let the hype begin! Below are two tracks from their second ( numerically correct ) album 2. Both are angular, noisy fun.

A-Frames - Modula.mp3
A-Frames - Futureworld.mp3

And one from their website

A-Frames - Crutches.mp3