Tuesday, November 23, 2004


This was inspired by Jason over at Mystery&Misery, who was jonesing for some Flipper.

Two tonight from Generic Flipper, the San Francisco quartet's 1982 debut LP. TrouserPress has a nice description of the band and their sound. Flipper had a way of capturing both the beauty and ugliness of life and presenting it in stark, memorable fashion. Slower tempos (by hardcore standards) and noisy, muddy production only added to the feeling of desperation on many of these tracks. I enjoy this much more now all the way through than when I originally bought the record. Their singles collection Sex Bomb Baby is also worth a listen.

Flipper - Shed No Tears.mp3
The dual bass dirge of Will Shatter and Bruce Lose stands out on this one. Total sludge and guitar skronk punctuated by Shatter's nihilistic lyrics.

Flipper - The Way of the World.mp3
Despite the upbeat tempo, the music and lyrics bleed with a feeling of melancholy. The subtle cruelties of life summed up in 4 verses. My all time Flipper favorite.