Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Deep Wound

If it weren't for the presence of J Mascis and Lou Barlow Deep Wound would probably be buried deep in the scrap pile of forgotten 80's hardcore bands. Boasting teenagers Mascis on drums and Barlow on guitar, Deep Wound appeared out of the wilds of western Massachusetts in the early 80's. They released one 7" and a couple of comp tracks before dissolving. You already know what J and Lou went on to after all of this.

The two tracks here are from their only 7", released in 1983 on the Radiobeat label. 9 tracks of furious, hyper thrash in the vein of Seige, Void, and Negative FX. To be honest this hasn't aged all that well. The two tracks below do have a somewhat unique feel to them, and serve to bookend the 7 short, tuneless songs that make up the rest of the EP

Deep Wound - I Saw It.mp3
The first track from the EP, slower and more controlled sounding than most of the other songs. What Deep Wound lacks in ability they make up for with energy, at least on this one.

Deep Wound - Dead Babies.mp3
The last track. Slower than the others with a discordant sound. Not sure what the hell the lyrics have to do with dead babies, but I'm guessing they may have been going for shock value. My favorite song on the EP.

I'm not sure if this has been legitimately reissued. Lost&Found booted this many years ago, but I've seen nothing recent. Eh, for serious fans and completists only.