Saturday, November 27, 2004

Busted At Oz

Busted At Oz was one of the earliest Chicago punk comps, featuring a nice cross section of bands involved in the scene. 6 bands, 16 tracks, all recorded live at Oz nightclub in early 1981. Highlights include smoking tracks from Strike Under, the Effigies, and the Subverts. Also included are 4 early Naked Raygun tracks, experimental weirdness from Silver Abuse, and artsy fem-punk from DA.

Effigies - Guns Or Ballots.mp3
I'll have a post dedicated to the greatness of the Effigies at a later date. Suffice it to say, this is one of their best. You gotta respect that BIG guitar sound. Man, I love the Effigies.

Strike Under - Fucking Uniforms.mp3
Strike Under - Anarchy Song.mp3
Don't let the sophmoric titles fool you. This is some pretty fierce shit from Strike Under. Featuring Pierre Kezdy (later Naked Raygun/Pegboy) and Steve Bjorklund (Breaking Circus), Strike Under dissolved not too long after these tracks were recorded, leaving only a hard to find 12" and these tracks in their wake. If anyone has a copy of the "Immediate Action" (vinyl or even mp3) please get in touch.

Naked Raygun - When The Screaming Stops.mp3
NR in their earliest form. Weird, half-baked new wave type stuff complete with odd synth sounds. Bares little to no resemblance musically and personally to the band they would later become (singer Jeff Pezzati was the only holdover). This is the most straight forward of their four songs on the comp.

Subverts - State of the Union.mp3
simple, snotty punk with a "west coast" sound (which means I can't pinpoint what other band they remind me of) . They had one 7" in addition to these tracks that I have not heard. If anyone has an mp3 copy of that 7" please get in touch