Sunday, November 21, 2004

American Youth Report

Well, this was supposed to go out on Friday as part of my plan to cover a different comp each Friday. Well, one thing led to another and the schedule got all fucked up. What are you going to do?

American Youth Report
A compilation of Southern California punk released on the Bomp! label in 1982. This is billed as "part one", though I've never seen nor heard of a part two. Plenty of "names" on this one, including Bad Religion, Descendents, Minutemen, Adolescents and TSOL. For the most part the entire compilation is solid, though most of the songs were taken from existing releases by the bands. This is a nice sampler of early 80's SoCal punk. kFTH has the liner notes

MIA - Tell Me Why.mp3
A melodic punk number with some jackhammer piano thrown in for good measure. For so many years I didn't care for MIA, but I've come to appreciate them in recent years. Reissued by Alternative Tentacles as part of the Lost Boys CD

TSOL - Sounds of Laughter.mp3
This is much rougher and more uptempo than I really recall TSOL being. I'll have to listen to Dance With Me (from which this track is taken) and Beneath the Shadows again.

Modern Warfare - One For All.mp3
straight and to the point. Early style HC, played fast and loose. This was much more direct than their later, stranger material.

Flesheaters - Pony Dress.mp3
Every time I hear the intro I think it's "Shallow Water". A stripped down raucous tune that doesn't have the frills that some of their other work had. This also appeared earlier on the Tooth And Nail compilation

RF7 - Jesus Loves You.mp3
a shuffling, jangly punk jaunt. I'm still not sure if the reference to Bad Religion is an inside joke or a taunt. This is more distinctive and fun sounding than their other work ( that I remember ). From their Weight of The World LP