Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Rochester Hardcore

I'm stuck at work, waiting around for something to end. A couple of freebies from my hometown. All of these are from the excellent Rochester Punk page. Plenty more there, also.

Hunger Artist - Samsara.mp3
Hunger Artist - Inside Down.mp3
Hunger Artist were a late '80's mainstay in Rochester - the "it" hardcore band. They only mananged to release one full 7", from which "Samsara" is taken. "Inside Down" is from a never released album. The DC sound was big in Rochester at the time, and you can hear the Soulside/Swiz influence in these songs. A detailed history can be found here.

Bent - New Beginning.mp3
Bent were the artsy/intellectual band in the late 80's Rochester scene. Frenzied, hyper songcraft, crazed vocals, amazing drumming. Bent released a couple of excellent tapes ( Alice's Phallus Palace and PickleNoodlePfieffer ) and had a song on the Hippycore comp "Earth Rapers and Hell Raisers". The eventually released a (posthumous?) 7" on a one off label.

I was so happy to find this page! ( via Mystery and Misery ) If anyone from Rochester (and I doubt there are many ) has the demo tapes of the following bands in digital format please let me know: Bent, Solution? As Is, Powerline, Hunger Artist, and Noxious. I've "misplaced" these over the years.