Monday, October 25, 2004

Psycho Surgeons

These two songs in no way describe my completely ordinary,hum-drum weekend.

Psycho Surgeons - Wild Weekend.mp3
Psycho Surgeons - Horizontal Action.mp3
I've been a fan of early Australian punk ever since I picked up a copy of the bootleg comp Feel Lucky, Punk? I was drawn into this undiscovered world of early punk classics, especially the Aussie bands: Rocks, Psycho Surgeons, and the Leftovers. I've never been able to track down any of the originals ($$$$$), but I have been lucky enough to garner bits and pieces via comps, CD-R's, and P2P. Some great Australian punk comps have been made available - The Birdmen series, the Murder Punk CD's, and the 2 CD comp Do The Pop.

Anyhow, the Psycho Surgeons' songs are from their first (and only?) single in 1978. Two top-notch cuts of frantic action. I hope you enjoy. I plan on posting some more Australian bands in the future ( Saints, X, Fun Things, Victims )