Monday, October 04, 2004

Minor Threat

Sooner or later I figured I would have to post some straight edge. So here it is, all week long.

Minor Threat - I Don't Wanna Hear It.mp3
Minor Threat - Bottled Violence.mp3
There is no way I could write a compelling history of Minor Threat, and why would I when so many others have done it better? There is just no way that I could have a week of straight edge hardcore and not include Minor Threat. I won't go into how they were innovators, how they "created" straight edge, how Ian Mackaye is a living example of the lifestyle, etc. I'm posting them because they were hands down one of the greatest hardcore bands ever. Their music still gets me charged almost 20 years after I first heard it, which is amazing. I spent a lot of time pouring through my old SE records and to be honest most of them have aged quite poorly, musically speaking. (Lyrically speaking they are all kinda trite, but that's just my opinion)

Everything you ever need from Minor Threat is available on one CD, Complete Discography. Most should already have it. If not, get it now. The two tracks here are from their near perfect ( ok, perfect ) first 7".

Also, Michael Azzarad's Our Band Could Be Your Life is a must read and includes a compelling chapter on Minor Threat. I can't recommend this book enough.