Saturday, October 02, 2004

Laughing Hyenas - Public Animal #9

Time to end a hectic week wishing I could trade a bunch of cigarettes for a couple of lousy beers.

Laughing Hyenas - Public Animal #9.mp3
A cover of an Alice Cooper standard, this appeared on the CD reissue of the Laughing Hyenas 1987 mini LP Merry Go Round ( the song was originally on a Subpop Alice Cooper tribute 7" ). This plays like a Hyenas original: noisy, ethereal guitar and a driving rhythm section punctuated by the razor throated roar of John Brannon. "Public Animal #9" is more upbeat and fun than some of the Hyenas originals, which often times play like the soundtrack to a manic depressive's life.

The 1995 reissue of Merry Go Round was the perfect antidote to the disappointing Hard Times LP that had been released at about the same. It contained the 6 original cuts and 5 additional tracks ( b-sides, odd and sods ) that fleshed the album out and made it a crucial element in the Hyenas catalog ( along with albums You Can't Pray a Lie and Life of Crime )

The Hyenas faded out in the late 90's. John Brannon is currently fronting the more agressive rock oriented Easy Action. I'm amazed that this guy can still talk let alone scream after 20 years of ravaging his vocal chords.