Saturday, October 30, 2004

Happy Halloween

A couple of tracks to put you in the mood for a Sunday Halloween.

Misfits - Halloween.mp3
A no-brainer. Everyone should know Jersey's best ghouls. This is from the Halloween 7" released in 1981, when there was still some substance to go with the schtick. Not their best, but it fits the theme of the day, y'know? MisfitsCentral has a thorough history of the band. The bands official website isn't much help, unless you want to buy figurine.

Dead Kennedys - Halloween.mp3
From 1982's Plastic Surgery Disasters. One of my favorite tracks simply for the line "Take your social regulations and shove them up your ass". That always got us all worked up in high school. Regardless of what anyone says I still like the Dk's, even Frankenchrist ( but not Bedtime for Democracy )

The Freeze - Halloween Night.mp3
another Freeze track, this one is from 1984's Guilty Face EP. Thick and twisted guitar riff playing behind a tale of Halloween dangers. I was going to post this one a couple of weeks ago but decided to save it for tonight.