Sunday, October 17, 2004

Happy Birthday, Bob!

My wife is a big fan of Bob Mould and informed me that October 17 is his birthday. Name checking the title suggests that I'm a fan also, so "Happy Birthday, Bob."

Husker Du - Some Kind of Fun.mp3
Husker Du - Listen.mp3
Husker Du - Erase Today.mp3

From the bootleg release Up in the Air. I paid alot ( too much ) for this on Ebay a couple of years ago. I had thought this might be the time to talk about bootleggers, P2P, etc, but it is complicated issue that I'm not intelligent enough to speak about coherently. For the time being however, enjoy these. "Some Kind of Fun" is an outtake from 1984's monumental Zen Arcade. "Listen" and "Erase Today" are leftovers from the amazing New Day Rising. "Erase Today" was officially released on SST's sample The Blasting Concept. I've always felt that these outtakes didn't quite mesh with their respective albums. Nevertheless, they are enjoyable on their own, especially in a historic sense.