Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Gin Mill - Ex-Patriot

Some overlooked noisecore from NYC.

Gin Mill - Ex-Patriot.mp3
From their one and only release, 1994's Patron. Gin Mill was a NYC trio featuring ex-members of Crawlpappy. Their sound was straight up noise rock, sounding like a blended version of their former band and, say, Unsane. I'm not sure whatever happened to these guys. Patron only contained 7 songs ( 6 + 1 unlisted track ) which only served to whet the appetite for more. Nothing more ever came, as far as I know. Listening to this is making me nostalgic for that great 90's "noise" sound: Hammerhead, Jesus Lizard, Jehu, even Quicksand and Jawbox, just to name a few.