Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Die Kreuzen

A couple of tracks of crazed Midwest hardcore from the Touch&Go label.

Die Kreuzen - Rumors.mp3
Die Kreuzen - Live Wire.mp3
No bones about it, Die Kreuzen's 1984 self-titled LP is a heavyweight album in the history of American punk. There is no denying the urgency in these hyper tracks, nor the scariness of Dan Kubinski's shrieking, mental patient vocals. Frenzied, furious, and at times just plain odd sounding . All attributes that allow this album to hold its own against time. Having said that, it is an exhausting listen. It was no surprise that the band couldn't keep this hellish racket up. Later albums document the bands descent into unremarkable blandness. For proof, pick up the October File CD which appends the debut. While October File is a decent album, it really sounds empty and light when paired with the dense first album.

I really could have taken any two songs out of the 21. With the exception of the 3 minute dirge "All White", all are spastic blasts less than two minutes in length. "Live Wire" and "Rumors" were just the two that jumped out at me while listening.

As always, Kill From the Heart is a great resource for info on the band. Flex also rates their albums.