Thursday, October 28, 2004

Devil Dogs - Saturday Night Fever

All squares go home!

Devil Dogs - Once Around The Block.mp3
If The Sopranos nudie bar "BadaBing's" had a house band it would be Brooklyn's own Devil Dogs. The Devil Dogs took the basics of '50's and 60's rock and roll and amped it up Ramones style. Throw in some crude and crass lyrics and a gutter rock legend is born. The early singles and LP's by these guys never excited me, as it was just non-descript garage rock with some snarl. 1993's Saturday Night Fever saw these guys turn up the guitars, energy, and attitude to a new high. Acclaimed by many as the Dogs best turn, Saturday Night Fever is stupid fun from beginning to end. (Never mind those goofy pseudo party crowd sounds thrown in between songs )

Devil Dogs - 6th Ave Local.mp3
If you're looking for insight, deep meaning, or fancy musicianship then keep moving. If you got a beer ball of Schlitz and want to party then throw this on. This is greasy, meathead rock at its best.