Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Boston Crew

Brotherhood- true till death! ( or until we grow up and get jobs )

SS Decontrol - Kids Will Have Their Say.mp3
SSD were the big fish of the Boston Crew, championing the straight edge spirit pioneered by the DC scene. The Boston version of straight edge was a bit more militant, focusing on all or nothing straight edge conformance and a punch you in the head tough guy mentality. Philosophies aside, it made for some crazy music. SSD featured some twisted, hyper guitar sounds and the demented shrieking of front man Springa. Releasing several classics on their own XClaim! label (1982's Kids Will Have Their Say and 1983's Get It Away, most importantly ). A selection of their material ranging from their early HC period to their later metal wankiness was cobbed together for the disappointing Power reissue.

DYS - Brotherhood.mp3
DYS ( Department of Youth Services ) From their 1983 Brotherhood 12".Following the blueprint laid by SSD. This is an ode to living clean and watching your brother's back. Of course, this mindset could only last so long. Like SSD, DYS later "matured" and released an album that strayed from their punk roots. Notable due to Dave Smalley's (later Dag Nasty, All, Down By Law ) vocal presence. The entire discography was reissued on the Fire and Ice CD.

Negative FX - Feel Like A Man.mp3
Negative FX featured the inimitable Jack Kelly ( aka Choke ) on vocals and played hyper hardcore. Playing only 5 shows, and releasing a posthumous LP in 1984, Negative FX's reputation is based more on legend than fact ( see Mission of Burma last show ). Choke later formed Last Rights and eventually Slapshot, both infamous for their ridiculous militancy and Choke's cookie monster vocals. Still, this is fun in a crazy, confrontational way