Thursday, October 21, 2004

Black Market Baby - Potential Suicide

Torn tonight between posting Scream and Black Market Baby. Guess BMB won.

Black Market Baby - Potential Suicide.mp3
I don't know where to even start with BMB. I'm still amazed at how a band this good couldn't break out from the pack, especially in DC. Of course they didn't sound like traditional DC hardcore. A nice blend of driving, melodic punk, hardcore energy and a touch of '77 style britpunk. "Potential Suicide" is the A-side to their 1982 debut, and it is tough to top. Propelled by stun guitar and crash drumming, you can practicly feel the barely contained raw power of the song.

I think all of the BMB release are OOP. I'd love to see one release encompass the 7"s, 1983's Senseless Offerings LP, and the never released second album. Years ago Bitzcore had released (or booted?) two albums (Baby on Board and Baby Takes), consisting of most of the material, but they were haphazard at best.