Friday, October 29, 2004


25 years to the night for this Portland Punk Compilation.

Greg Sage of the Wipers put this compilation of Portland bands together on his Trap record label. All tracks were recorded 10/29/79 at the Earth Tavern in Portland and display a cross section of that towns late 70's punk scene. Most of the bands fall under the "typical" punk heading( Wipers, Stiphnoyds,Sado-Nation, Rubbers, Lo Tek ). The comp also includes some jangly, poppy punk ( NeoBoys ), Pere Ubu style noise ( Smegma ) and Cramps-like rockabilly ( Bop Zombies )

Of course, my favorite tracks are the punk ones:

Wipers - Same Old Thing.mp3
Sage's intro to this song pretty much sums up the lyrical content for many Wipers songs. This is one of their best. A great bassline to open and some nice, chunky guitar. This would have been the best song on Is This Real?

Sado-Nation- Johnny Paranoid.mp3
Melodic punk with the original (male) vocalist. This isn't quite as great as "I'm Trouble" or "On Whom They Beat" but it still better than some of their other stuff. Then again I was never a fan of their releases with Mish Bondage/Leesa Anderson singing.

Stiphnoyds - Meat Is Rotten.mp3
A short blast from the Stiphynoids, but not nearly as good as their 7". Still decent sounding though. The CD reissue leaves off their track "Jimmy Carter" for some reason.

Neo Boys - Running In The Shadows.mp3
simple, jangly garage rock with female vocals. This cut is similar to their first 7". This sounds like the blueprint for a lot of latter day Northwest punk/indie stuff.

All of this is available as part of the History of Portland Punk volume 1