Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Youth Youth Youth

I discovered Toronto's Youth Youth Youth out out of pity, which became dumb luck. I saw their Repackaged 12" sitting in the punk bin of Record Time ( long gone Rochester indie store )week in and week out for well over a year before purchasing it. I had nothing to go on, I was simply bored and it was conveniently priced at $6.98. These fishing trips usually were hit or miss (mostly miss), but I can honestly state I listened to this release nonstop for god knows how long. Side 1 features the demo tracks from 1982-83 and is run of the mill brit-punk with a handful of standouts. The gem is side 2 - the Sin 12" from 1983. Sin featured 7 songs of uptempo, melodic hardcore with fantastic bass lines and thinking feller lyrics. Pulling this out earlier this year I was kind of bored with the demo tracks, but the 12" tracks still kick me in the gut. A couple:

YYY - Philosophy.mp3
YYY - Greed.mp3
YYY - Wanderlust.mp3
YYY - Headline Hunters.mp3

>> A vintage interview with YYY ( including song lyrics ) can be found at the Dementlieu Punk Archive