Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Von Zippers - I'm Gone

some music from Calgary's finest basement rockers. Eins,Zwei,Drei, Vier!!!

Von Zippers - I'm Gone.mp3
I first heard the Von Zippers when I picked up the Estrus budget comp for 1999. They were the best band on the comp by far ( well, the Coyote Men were pretty close ) and I just had to hear more. The Von Zippers were pure kitsch, dressing in German WWI outfits, but beyond the gimmick they just plain rocked. Punkish garage rock with sneering vocals, big riffs, and some organ garnish. Their latest release is 2003's The Crime is Now and marks a fundamental shift into a more political arena. I like the album, but don't love it, preferring instead the bands earlier work. Perhaps it's the new lyrical content? I dunno - when I think of the Von Zippers I'm thinking driving rock, goofy costumes, and mindless lyrics. Who needs growth? Example: "I'm Gone", the lead track from 1997's Wow 'Em Down at Franzl's and captures the band in all of their beer fueled glory.

Anyhow, here are a couple of street legal cuts:

From The Crime is Now: Incendiary (Estrus)
From Blitzhacker: Brokedown (Epitonic)