Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Really Red - Teaching You The Fear

new strings for old puppets, for sure. A classic song that is unfortunately still relevent today.

Really Red - Teaching You The Fear.mp3
the title track from the 1981 album Teaching You The Fear demonstrates everything that was great about Really Red. Innovative hardcore, great bass and guitar lines, politically charged lyrics. Unavailable for far too long, this album has just been re-released on Empty Records and is a must have for anyone interested in US Hardcore. This is a classic anti-cop rant. The title alone speaks volumes, and is more apt today than ever in our fear based nation. Here is an excellent take on the song from KFTH

The title track, with its menacingly anxious bass line and shakily spoken lyrics "Take one chicano with his hands cuffed behind his back..." is one of the most haunting political punk songs ever written. When it explodes into the chorus and Ronnie spits out "Teaching you the feeee-aaaar!" it really is a revelation.

Finally, A nice band history/interview from Break My Face