Thursday, September 09, 2004

NoMeansNo - The River

I had posted about NoMeansNo before, but I couldn't resist including one of my favorite bands when writing about Canadian bands, could I?

NoMeansNo - The River.mp3
NoMeansNo have quite the history, going back even further (1980!) than I had imagined. I first heard of them via Alternative Tentacle catalogs from way back when. I actually heard their music played on the old "Disorder" radio show on WITR. I went out and bought every NoMeansNo record I could find, and while some of it was hit or miss, most of it was riveting ( i.e Wrong, their landmark LP ). I like their full-on rockers the best, as some of the slower, experimental music loses me after awhile. That said, you think I would bust out one of the in your face songs from Wrong, but no. Instead I'm giving you a slower 6 minute plus song that catches me right in the gut everytime. "The River" is from 1993's Why Do The Call Me Mr. Happy? and features some heavy, intense guitar work and powerful vocals. Close to the top in terms of my NMN favorites.

Here's one from 1998's Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie :

Graveyard Shift (Epitonic)