Thursday, September 02, 2004

Nausea - Inherit The Wasteland

one last political song for this NYC/GOP Convention week.

Nausea - Inherit the Wasteland.mp3
Nausea were the quintessential American anarcho-punk band, living in the squats, screaming about the environment, animal rights, weapons, war, etc all over a doom-laden soundscape of thrashy, metallic punk. Although hailing from NYC, the band seemed more influenced by Brit punk bands ( Discharge, Chaos UK spring to mind ) than the traditional NYHC. Perhaps that is why I found this album to my liking at the time. Released in 1990, Existence is all of the Nausea you will ever need. The album hasn't aged particularly well - the songs all sound the same, the lyrics are rather cliched, and the female vocals are practically unlistenable. However, "Inherit the Wasteland" still sounds pretty good- I'll let you guess what the song is about.

Anyhow, I guess I dug this one out while looking for something "political". I couldn't resist the gatefold sleeve and scads of left wing propaganda that came with the record. I'm feeling some regret now, as I think I should have kept browsing down to the Proletariat. Same message, better music. Perhaps at a later date.