Monday, September 13, 2004

Gun Club - Ghost on the Highway

some great early 80's psycho trash from the criminally underappreciated Gun Club

The Gun Club - Ghost on The Highway.mp3
I wish I had enough disk space and bandwidth to put up all of Fire of Love. It may be as close to perfection as an album can come. 11 tracks of primal, slide-drenched, sun damaged rock and roll. If you only buy one album recommended by this blog ( and I've recommended alot, I know ), please make it Fire of Love. Released in 1981, Fire of Love sounds as urgent and vital today as it did years ago. This is the (superior) precursor to so much of today's garage punk and blues revival. Many fans of the fans of this album are disappointed band's later works ( Miami, Las Vegas Story ) as they are a bit tame by comparison. Still, they include great musicianship and songwriting with a bit more of the country/western influence showing through. With the exception of Fire of Love these albums have been out of print for awhile. The good news is that Sympathy For The Record Industry is planning to reissue Miami and Las Vegas Story sometime in October.

A couple of mp3 files are available on the band's webpage, so check them out.