Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Gibson Bros - Big Pine Boogie

The Gibson Bros. started working their hillbilly blues magic in Columbus,OH in the mid-80's. The band released several albums off twisted American roots music over the course of the 8 years before main songwriters Jeffrey Evans and Don Howland parted ways. ( Howland forming the Bassholes, Evans eventually founding '68 Comeback ) The state of the Gibson Bros back catalog is criminal, given the bands place as one of the founders of the broken blues and roots revival that come to fruition in the late 90's. If ever a band was in need of a good career retrospective CD or box set it is the Gibson Bros. 4 of their 6 albums are currently out of print ( and one of the available ones, Columbus Soul '85, is vinyl only ). Here's hoping some label will see fit to re-release the bands discography. Or, at the very least, Big Pine Boogie and Dedicated Fool, their two finest and most consistent albums.

As for the songs, you can't beat "Big Pine Boogie". I know of at least three versions of this one - one from Columbus Soul '85, another on their debut vinyl LP Big Pine Boogie. My favorite is the version from the Build a Raft cassette. This It's rougher and a bit more skronky sounding than the other two versions. Enjoy "Big Pine Boogie" and a couple of other selections:

from the Build A Raft cassette (1987)
Gibson Bros - Big Pine Boogie.mp3

from Big Pine Boogie (1988)
Gibson Bros - Casey Jones.mp3
Gibson Bros - Moon Twist.mp3

from 1989's Dedicated Fool LP
Gibson Bros - Poor White Trash.mp3
Gibson Bros - Dirt Preacher.mp3