Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Freeze - Trouble If you Hide

a cut from legendary hardcore comp This Is Boston Not LA

The Freeze - Trouble If You Hide.mp3
From one of the most important and influential hardcore compilations of all time ( besides Flex Your Head, of course ). Boston Not LA is a primer on early 80's American hardcore . The comp featured Boston area bands ( no shit! ) including The Freeze, the F.U.'s, Jerry's Kids, Gang Green, and The Proletariat. And with the exception of throwaways by the Gronoids and Decadence each band had multiple cuts. The Freeze alone had eight songs on this comp featuring some of their best and most diverse material. "Trouble If You Hide" is less hectic than some of their other songs and includes the occasional odd falsetto of singer Cliff Hanger. A fun tale of caution and public service.

Released in 1982 these tracks and the tracks on the subsequent Guilty Face 7", feature the Freeze at their raw and snotty best. Their first two albums ( Land of The Lost and Rabid Reaction ) are also worthwhile, though toned down a bit. They have been reissued on one CD with bonus cuts by Dr. Strange