Monday, September 20, 2004

The Fix - Vengeance

hitting the ground running Monday with some vintage hardcore from The Fix.

The Fix - Vengeance.mp3
The Fix - Signal.mp3
The Fix may have been the Midwest's first true hardcore band, forming in Lansing, MI in 1980. The band played rough sounding, hyper songs with gruff vocals. The band released two 7" singles on Touch & Go records in addition to a cut on the classic Process of Elimination compilation 7".

"Vengeance" is the A-side to their debut 7 inch from 1981, of which only 200 copies were made. "Signal" is from 1982's 4 song EP Jan's Room . Both 7"s, the POE comp cut, unreleased studio tracks, and a live set were released by Lost&Found as Cold Days, which has gone out of print.

Fix records on Gemm
Fix records on Ebay