Monday, September 27, 2004

The Eat - Communist Radio

A collector scum classic from one of Florida's finest. This here is The Eat's first single in 1979. Rarer than rare ( what could possibly be more rare you ask?), this has been causing record collectors to drool, fight, and empty their bank accounts for years. I could never understand how some could pay so much for a record until I finally heard it on one of the Killed By Death comps - so raw and incendiary sounding that I had to play it over and over. Only 500 were pressed, so you can imagine the feeding frenzy that collectors endured to find a copy.

The band later released another 7" EP (1980's God Punishes The Eat ) and a demo tape ( Scattered Wahoo Action ) that are long gone. I think these have been sporadically booted over the years, you may find a copy if you look ( and are willing to pay ) Sincere appreciation would be given to any record label that could somehow bring it all together in one package.

The Eat - Communist Radio.mp3
The Eat - Catholic Love.mp3